I’ve only been asked to provide a lift-off for bench by 5 people in my entire life, so naturally I’m not confident in my ability to provide a good lift-off. I’ve asked for feedback afterwards about whether it was good or not and wasn’t sure if they were just being nice. I’m used to people providing way too much assistance when they’re spotting me, or their lift-off turns out to be horrible and maybe they push the bar out too far and it screws up my lift from the beginning. I try to think about it like easing out the clutch when starting to accelerate on a motorcycle. Rather than helping to lift the bar off the rack and letting go so abruptly, let go of the weight more gradually.

Another thing my first powerlifting coach told me was, that if you have to use more than a few fingers on each hand to help them get the weight up (after they’ve already touched the bar to their chest and are pressing the weight back up) then it is too damn heavy for them and they need to take some weight off the bar.